Travel Readylight and portable
Comprehensive Guidewe teach you everything
Safe for All Agescomes with 3 sizes
Easy to Useno apps to download
Designed For Ease.
Loved For Clarity.
The Deebo™ Otoscope $129.00
Two colors available
Blue Rainbow
  • Our mighty otoscope gives families the power to check their child's ear, nose, or throat before calling the doctor
  • No more calling with vague symptoms
  • Now you can tell the doctor exactly what you see
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How We Helped Laura's Family take the mystery out of ear infections
Easy-to-Follow User Guide

Our otoscope comes with a comprehensive user guide that includes step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations, making it easy to use for everyone.

Written by a clinician, edited by moms 💜

What our Customers are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about their experience 
with our otoscope and why they trust it for their child care needs.

M.S. 05/28/2024
Best Baby Shower Gift Ever!

My dear friend's daughter, who recently had her second baby, was thrilled with her Deebo gift! She has used it several times for both her children and called me to say how much peace of mind it gave her -- and saved her visits to the doctors office. Deebo is now my "go to" gift for moms!!

L.S. 06/14/2024
A Must Have for All Parents!

I love this product and the easy to understand book that comes with it. Just yesterday I was able to determine my daughter did in fact have an ear infection, and that a trip to get an official diagnosis would not be a waste of everyone’s time! Thank you, everyone at Deebo for taking some of the guess work out of this tired mom’s week!

Amy J. 04/10/2024
Less worry, easy to use

The deebo otoscope is quick and easy to use. I could see the red inflammation in my daughter’s ear and knew it was time to see a doctor. Then, it allowed me to monitor the rate of improvement once my daughter was diagnosed with an ear infection. The deebo otoscope reduces some of my worry. Thanks Deebo 👏 !

Mini-Version Toy Included

Each otoscope package comes with a special surprise — a mini-version toy otoscope! 
Perfect for little ones to play with and learn about health alongside you.

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