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    Absolutely! But with everything, please use with caution. Go slowly and follow your kids cues. Do not insert a specula if you see pus or blood coming out of their ear. Please refer to the Guidebook, that came with your purchase, for exactly how to use the Otoscope.

    Most orders arrive 5 - 7 business days after the order is placed.

    Other options on the market do not focus on kids health. Deebo’s products are built with your family in mind to meet your health needs through a combination of education and play.

    There are no apps or software. You do not need to connect with a remote doctor. Simply check your kids ears, nose, and throat yourself first and then call your doctor with what you've seen.

    We cannot accept returns at this time. Please reach out to with any specific concerns. Thanks for supporting our small business.

    To deliver healthcare as it should be. Family first. At home first. No one knows your child better than you. I didn’t see other companies creating easy to use, non-digital and approachable home devices that I wanted to use. The Deebo vision is to build your at-home medicine cabinet with empowering and helpful tools.

    Yes! Please let us know what you’d love to see HERE

    The ear canal changes shape and size from infancy to adulthood.

    The 2mm is for Infants.

    The 3mm is for Kids.

    And the 5mm is for Adults (yes, adult ears can be checked too!).

    Using the correct size of speculum is important to ensure that you can see the eardrum clearly.

    A speculum that is too small will not fit comfortably in the ear canal, making it difficult to see the eardrum properly. On the other hand, a speculum that is too large can cause discomfort, and may even injure the ear canal or eardrum.

    The product is designed in the USA and manufactured with our wonderful partners in Vietnam.

    Yes. There is a 30 day warranty on the Otoscope. Please email us at if you have any issues.