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    The Deebo™ Otoscope: Sprinkles

    Our mighty Sprinkles otoscope gives families the power to check their child's ear, nose, or throat before calling the doctor. No more calling with vague symptoms. Now you can tell the doctor exactly what you see.

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    What is an otoscope? That "thing" that the doctor uses to look at ears, nose and throat during doctor's visits.

    Each purchase comes with:

    + Otoscope for the parent

    + a Toy version for your child

    + a Guidebook that teaches families how to use, hold and know that to look for. It also includes play tips.

    + 7 disposable specula - sizes for everyone in the family

    + Storage Pouch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Alice Snedeker
    Super helpful

    Gives me and the kids' caregivers peace of mind when they can't tell us what is bothering them. Great purchase that's saved us a few co-pays.


    We are SO thrilled to have this tool in our house. The simple but detailed instructions are packed with information so you know exactly what you’re looking for and how to analyze what you see! It has saved us multiple unnecessary trips to the doctor already!

    Rachel W.

    My six-year-old has had hearing problems off and on for the past few years, and we end up going to Urgent Care and/or an ENT every single time we notice it. From fluid build-up to actual ear infections, swimmer's ear, a random full blockage from wax (?!) we literally walk in, they use the otoscope, tell us what they saw and we leave. This thing is a game-changer for me..the booklet that comes with it clearly explains how to identify what you're seeing. And the little toy otoscope is adorable, my son loved it and used it on his Mario stuffed animal while I inspected his ears, ha!! Highly recommend. Can y'all carry at-home strep test strips next?? :)

    Jessica B.
    Must-have home tool!

    I can't tell you how much relief it gives me to be able to check my kids ears on the spot when I suspect they are in pain. This is a must-have home tool!

    10/10 Essential item in your medicine cabinet!

    This is an essential tool for your medicine cabinet, especially if you have little ones! I adore the adorable designs available, and the fact that you can choose from two options is fantastic. One of the standout features for me is the accompanying booklet, complete with easy-to-follow illustrations that aid in identifying symptoms related to the ear, nose, and mouth. Additionally, the inclusion of various sizes of otoscope tips ensures that the entire family can benefit from its use.

    It's evident that this product has been thoughtfully designed by someone who's been in the trenches. Moreover, it's not just practical; it's also a thoughtful gift idea for baby showers. Overall, I highly recommend this product.